7 Best Shirts for Sublimation Printing in 2024

Are you looking to start your own printing business? But needed clarification about the printing method. Then look at the sublimation printing, which is the go-to option! These printing methods are ideal, especially if you want to create stunning designs using various fabrics.

Sublimation printing has transformed the world of the clothing industry, and due to the rapid advancement of technology, the sublimation business became more accessible with the home’s sublimation printer for shirts. But when it comes to achieving stunning color design, having the right shirt is just as crucial as having the right printing method.

That’s why we have compiled the seven best shirts for sublimation printing to help you achieve the best result. Here, we have pulled each shirt and discussed what to consider when picking it. The first and foremost thing is to pick a plain shirt that won’t fade and cling after the multiple washes.

Now let’s explore what type of shirt is best suited for printing and what are their advantages.

How The Sublimation Printing Process Works?

Sublimation printing is a printing method that transfers an image onto fabric by heating up ink and then cooling down. This special technique leaves a print on every seam and is resistant to peeling, cracking, and washing away from the substrate. However, the most common question that comes to mind is, “How does it work?”

In sublimation printing, ink is transferred into the material with the utilization of heat. The ink is first positioned onto the paper, after which it is warmed to transform it into a gas, consolidates with the texture, and leaves a long-lasting print on it. Compared to previous prints, this one is more resilient since it is printed not just on the fabric’s top layer but also properly embedded in the fabric.

Which Shirts Are Best for Sublimation?

There are many types of t-shirts with different blends, but only few are those that work best with dye sublimation. We recommend polyester or poly blend because these fabrics make a strong bond with the dye and retain the color over multiple wear and washes. However, the cotton is not suitable for sublimation printing, as the cotton fiber is more absorbent.

And the ink can wash out or bleed easily. So, it is recommended to start your sublimation printing with 100% cotton. Meanwhile, a blend of 65% polyester or 35% cotton can also be used.

Have a look at the best shirt sublimation printing shirts. We have presented an excellent collection of items, from unisex shirts to sublimated tank tops. Remember to use the tight fabric as it allows better color saturation and the best print result.

Let’s take a look and find a stylish look for yourself.

1.    Unisex Cut and Sew Tee

Unisex tees offer a relaxed fit and can be worn by anyone regardless of gender identity. These shirts are made from polyester, which means they are comfortable and breathable. Its loose fit adds an extra charm and makes the wearer super cool throughout the wear. Additionally, the cut and sew means these shirts are printed before they are sewn together with the print, making the print extra colored or precise without leaving a single inch of the shirt.

2.            Tri-Blend Full Sleeves Tees

These shirts typically combine cotton, polyester, or rayon, offering a soft, luxurious feel while bringing excellent breathability and great printability. However, the tri-blend full-sleeved shirts are tricker to print, and for this reason, they need to be carefully set on the sublimation printer for shirt printing.

Therefore, these tri-blend shirts are ideal for achieving a cotton-like feel. But this tri-blend costs more than the polyester or their blend. You must try the tri-blend full-sleeve shirt if you are looking for a soft cloth that feels like a gentle drape to your skin.

3.            Recycled Polyester Tees

For those who are looking for a sustainable and solid look, recycled polyester is a phenomenal option. These shirts are made from recycled plastic bottles, in this way limiting ecological effects and lining up with feasible fashion practices.

The higher polyester content within the fabric ensures exceptional color vibrancy, allowing intricate designs to be flawlessly displayed. This blend of eco-consciousness and superior printability brings recycled polyester tees to a centric position in printing.

4.            Dye-Sublimation Ready Polo

Everyone owns one of these shirts, which are popular in both formal and informal contexts. Casual shirts are elevated to a whole new level with dye sublimation printing, which adds vivid color printing to the shirt, along with a chic collar and sturdy buttons. This shirt is ideal for making unique team uniforms, business merchandising, or simply a professional, one-of-a-kind appearance for daily wear.

5.            Long Sleeve Solar Men’s Tee

Next on our list of best sublimation printing shirts is the long-sleeved solar men’s shirt. These shirts are not only popular due to their moisture absorption and odor resistance but also due to the sun protection rating approved by the skin cancer foundation. The long-sleeved solar men’s shirt features excellent comfort and printability while keeping you cool by expressing your unique individuality.

6.            Crop Tee

For a lighter and more fashionable look, crop tees are the best. Their gentle drapes and relaxed look make them wear every day, even in the summer. This 100% polyester shirt was practically made for sublimation printing. Whether you want a beautiful print or a lasting print result, you can customize these crop tees to give a unique look for years to come.

7.            High-Performance Compression Tees

Last but not least, high-performance compression tees are the greatest addition to our catalog. Its high-performance nature makes it highly popular for athletic wear. These shirts are made from moisture-wicking fabrics like polyester mesh, and they are perfect for active lifestyles. They’ll keep you cool and dry during workouts, hikes, or in a casual game of daily life.


In sum, sublimation printing is a fascinating way of creating a high-quality, long-lasting print on the shirt. Now, by reading the whole blog, you will get to know what type of shirt works best with sublimation printing. The best sublimation printing can be achieved by using polyester fabric or bent fabric and printing through the sublimation printer for shirts.

We hope this blog finds the best shirt for your sublimation printing business. Explore more and follow these tips to have the shirt that makes your printing business attractive.