Whether you’ve followed a path with imaginative play opportunities or one with fun family nature tasks, we want to hear about it

Trails through countryside, particularly woodland, can be made more exciting by the installation of discoveries along the way: climbing walls, playful sculptures, huge swings and secret grottos, for example.

The best examples blend in with their surroundings and encourage families to pick up knowledge about local fauna and flora, as well as allowing children to run amok and burn up energy. There are also many country or forest parks that supply maps and quizzes, helping visitors identify particular trees or birds. Trails linked to classic stories are another way to inspire children to explore the outdoors.

If you’ve had a good experience of an adventure trail please share it, including exact location, price and website addresses where possible. Try to keep your tip to 100 words and please include personal reflections on the experience rather than describe it in the manner of a promotional brochure.

Photographs are welcome but it is the text that our judges will consider. If you do send photographs please ensure you are the copyright holder.

The best tips will appear on the Guardian Travel website and may also appear in print in Guardian Travel. The winner, chosen by Tom Hall of Lonely Planet, will receive a £200 hotel voucher from UK.hotels.com.