Microsoft Outlook unquestionably dominates the email sector due to its extensive functionality and methodical data management. However, as we all know, Outlook is a paid email application produced as part of the Microsoft Office suite. When it comes to free email clients, Mozilla Thunderbird reigns supreme. Several people are switching from Outlook to Thunderbird and asking for a way to import Outlook PST into Thunderbird so that they can access all of their Outlook data in Thunderbird.

In this article, we’ll look at the many techniques used by users to convert Outlook emails to Thunderbird without Outlook.


Why Would You Want to Move Outlook Data File to Thunderbird?

Microsoft Outlook is not an impoverished email program; nevertheless, as said, “Not everyone is an expert in everything, but someone will surely be an expert in something.” Hence, there are a few benefits in Thunderbird, or you can say, compelling reasons to import PST to MBOX Thunderbird; the following are some of them:

Mozilla Thunderbird employs the MBOX file extension, which is one of the most secure formats for private data. For example, it preserves a particular mailbox folder, such as Inbox .mbox, so that if you need to share your data, you can transfer a specific folder rather than the whole mailbox.

Mozilla Thunderbird has over 1200 add-ons, all of which are free. For example, one can use Add-ons to handle emails, postpone sends, and change the migration view.

Thunderbird is a popular and extensively used email application that is free of charge. The user can use the application without any problems. It is compatible with Mac OS, Linux, Windows, and UNIX.

How Do I Move My Outlook Mailbox to Thunderbird Manually?

Now let’s look at the numerous methods for converting Outlook PST to Thunderbird on a new machine. There are two manual methods for importing Outlook email to Thunderbird. All of them are detailed in this article; simply follow the instructions and export your emails.

Approach 1. Convert Email from Outlook to Thunderbird on a Single Machine.

Try this method to import Microsoft Outlook emails into Thunderbird on a single workstation. This strategy will not work if numerous PCs are involved. Follow the instructions outlined here.

1. Click the Start button on your Windows PC, then select Default Programs. Set Outlook as the default software. Clicking on it will set this software as the default.
2. After installing Thunderbird, navigate to “Tools” and select Import/Export from the menu.
3. Select the radio box next to Mail and click “Next”. Select Outlook from the list and hit Next.
4. To conclude the import procedure, click “Finish” on the new screen.

Approach 2: Connect Outlook Mail to Thunderbird using Google Takeout.

The approach presented in the next section is much easier than the one described previously. To do this, you must first configure your Gmail account in Outlook. Follow the instructions below to import Outlook emails into Thunderbird.

  1. Access your Microsoft Outlook profile and choose File from the navigation menu.
  2. Select “Add account” on a new screen.
  3. Enter Username, Email ID, and Password to provide user credentials.
  4. Go to your Gmail profile and click on “Settings”.
  5. Select Forwarding and POP/IMAP, then Enable IMAP and save the settings.
  6. Navigate to your Microsoft Outlook profile and choose File.
  7. Your Google account has now been linked to Microsoft Outlook. In addition, you can access all of your Outlook emails from your Gmail account.
  8. Next, navigate to Google Takeout.
  9. Choose the folders that you want to archive, such as Calendars, Tasks, Messages, etc.
  10. You will receive a copy of the emails in your Gmail account. Now open the zip folder that was downloaded from Gmail.

Cons of Manual Approaches:

You’ll understand how long the manual solution takes and how tough and intricate it might be. Manual techniques of importing Outlook PST into Thunderbird are similarly unreliable and dangerous. Your one blunder will result in the permanent loss of your precious data. But don’t worry; the following part contains another excellent alternative, Mailvita PST to MBOX Converter Software.

Furthermore, MS Outlook is available in a variety of versions, including Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, and 2013. So, the mailbox export method can be different. To solve such scenarios, just follow the steps outlined below to learn how to import Outlook PST into Thunderbird.

Import Outlook PST to Thunderbird using Third-Party Software

We described two manual ways above, however they are not highly reliable or error-free. Users may experience trouble exporting emails from Outlook to Thunderbird. It is preferable to use an automated application such as Mailvita PST to MBOX Converter to quickly transfer Outlook email profiles to Thunderbird without Outlook.


In this post, we showed why a user should migrate their Outlook data file to Thunderbird and why using the manual technique is not the best option. Make sure you choose a professional and cost-effective option for the move.