All-in-one solutions for use at home and in the office are HP printers. To set up their new HP printer, new users require some assistance. An HP printer is incredibly simple to set up. This page contains all the information you need to set up your HP printer. Help  123 wireless installation.  Use to download and install the printer software or drivers.

How to Configure Your New HP Printer

A new HP printer may require some time to install, but it’s a rather easy process. The steps to setup your HP printer are as follows:

First, remove the HP printer from its packaging.

Take out every tape from the printer and its components.

Press the power button on your printer to turn it on.

Next, adjust the printer’s screen with the extra data, including Date, Language, and Region.

The original ink for the HP printer should be inserted correctly after opening the cartridge door.

Shut the ink cartridge door and watch for a notification on the printer’s display.

Complete the input tray’s printing sheets.

The printer will then request an appropriate connection after that.

When setting up a new HP printer, consumers can visit from their device if they encounter any issues. The installation manual that comes with the package is also visible to users.

How to Set Up a Wireless, USB, and Hotspot Printer Connection

There are three network connection options for HP printers, and you can select any one of the following:

Configuring a Wireless Network

Ethernet Link

Configuring USB Printing

establishing a connection over a wireless network

On the screen of your printer, touch the wifi option.

Next, select the setting from the printer’s menu.

After choosing the wifi setup option, press the Yes button.

Observe the guidelines displayed on the screen.

Available networks will be identified by the printer. Choose the router from the list after that.

Input the network’s password.

Verify wireless connectivity by doing as instructed on the screen.

Establishing a Connection with an Ethernet Port

First, confirm that the printer model is supported by the Ethernet cable.

From the printer’s screen, select Ethernet.

Link the printer and router to the ethernet ports.

The router and printer connection will be given to you.

Setting up a USB connection

Put the USB cord into the printer on your HP.

Insert your computer’s other end after that.

Observe the directions displayed on screen.

Installing the “HP Printer Driver Software” on your computer comes next.

How to get HP printer drivers from

To use your printer, you must have the HP printer driver software. It transmits printing instructions from your PC to the printer. To download the HP printer driver software onto your device, follow these steps.

Activate the printer.

On the device, open any browser.

Please visit 123

Press the download button.

You will receive a download for the file in your downloads folder.

Smartphones, Macs, and Windows all have comparable downloading processes. Customers must use their device to go to They will next need to click the download button in order to download the program or application. The type of file that downloads may differ based on the operating system.

How to Install Drivers for HP Printers on Your Device

The setup file must first be downloaded by users from After that, install it on your device by following these steps:

You can access the file in the Download folder once the download procedure has finished.

Ascertain that your printer is linked to your device before installing the HP printer driver software.

On the downloaded file, double click

If you are asked, answer “yes.”

Select the “Install” option.

To finish the setup, adhere to the directions displayed on screen.


How do I set up my 123 HP printer on Windows to print documents?

Open the document you wish to print first. Next, to open the print window, simultaneously press Ctrl and P. Here, under this section, are the print properties that you can modify. The page’s alignment can be changed by users from portrait to landscape. Prior to printing the papers, users have the option to adjust the word margin.

How can I set up an HP printer on a Mac to print documents?

Press the P and Ctrl buttons at the same time while the document is open. The document can then be printed by selecting the printer name and then clicking the Print option. Before printing, users can alter the word margin and page orientation.