Choosing a tactical gear can be a complicated affair for law enforcers and ordinary people. Finding a tactical vest that best suits you is not easy. You want to have all the protection that you need, but also want the vest to be comfortable. An excellent tactical vest should be a good fit, have more utility and customized to suit your needs. If you have never used a tactical gear and not sure how to make your move, here are six things to consider while buying your first tactical vest.

1. Your Threat Level

When choosing a tactical vest, you should know that there are six threat levels. From the first level, each is designed to protect you from different weapons with different ranges, caliber bullet, and knife blades. So, you should be aware of your threat level, meaning you should know the kind of weapon your rival will use.

The level of threat will determine the number of plates and the style of your vest. Look at it from this point – you don’t need a mosquito repellant to prevent yourself from a bear nor a shotgun to shoot down a mosquito.

2. It’s Size

Whenever you choose the appropriate tactical equipment, its size does matter. A store will help you determine the vest that will fit you well. A smaller vest serves half the purpose. For instance, a vest meant to protect you from knife stabs should be reaching your belt. A shorter one will leave your underbelly exposed.

Perfect sizing also determines your comfort in the field. Mobility is something worth considering, and so your vest should not be tight.

3. Where Are You Going To Keep it

It’s important to think of where you keep your tactical vest before you even wear it. You aren’t going to be wearing it throughout, and when you take it off, you don’t have to throw it on the couch or bed. It needs proper storage.

Never fold the vest and always keep it hanged up and ensure you can access it at any time. It should always be in a good condition.

4. Know Its Purpose

You will be using your tactical vest, but in what capacity? Are you going to be using it every day? Most likely if you are a law enforcer. Other questions you need to ask yourself is, will you have to carry pieces of sensitive equipment? And, where will you not be allowed to use your tactical vest?

These questions will help you understand the purpose of a tactical vest. For instance, if you are a law enforcer and will likely meet a hell of bullets when catching the bad guys, a bulletproof vest is what you need everywhere you go.

5. Your Comfort

This might not be so important when you are in a war-torn zone. Those are the times when a tactical vest that can protect you from bullets is the only thing that matters. But when buying a vest, do you dress it first to know if it’s comfortable?

If you don’t and you wear it afterward and find it too uncomfortable to wear, then there was no essence of buying it in the first place. It’s not going to be beneficial. Something you should note; the vest that provides the highest level of protection is the most uncomfortable because it’s thicker and heavier.

6. The Vest’s Durability

Some tactical vests are less durable. That’s not the kind of vests you should have on when you are in a place where a shootout can begin anytime. You need a tough and dependable tactical vest. A durable vest won’t frustrate you because you will never have a ripped vest with a broken zipper that can put your life in the line.

It’s usually said that no one can change their fate. But you can prepare and be ready to face it when disaster strikes. A top-quality tactical vest and your skills might help you live longer. Your family needs you.