The windows in your home are your windows to the world – and you need them to function effectively and efficiently to get the most value out of your windows. Windows serve three purposes: they keep noise out, keep the weather out and reduce your energy use. Taming the elements and keeping a lid on household expenses is what quality windows do – when they don’t, a windows replacement should be done without delay.

When evaluating windows replacement, the first thing you should consider is how old are the windows. If the answer is more than 15-years, you should be shopping for a windows replacement. One of the many telltale signs your windows are need of replacement are drafts that emanate from your windows in the winter. Once this situation occurs it will be prevalent and only get worse over time if you don’t engage in a windows replacement.

To get the best windows replacement in Ontario, contact us at AM Window and Door Solutions to purchase quality windows that will stand up to the elements and make your house a home through an improvement in the quality of life your family will enjoy.

Windows Replacement, Signs Of Problems

  • If you stand next to any window in your home in the winter and you feel a draft that should indicate that your windows aren’t properly sealed or that your single-pane windows aren’t keeping the elements out. This situation creates high-energy bills and forces your furnace and Air Conditioning unit to work overtime to provide the comfort you demand in your home. Another way to tell if your windows are shopworn is if you see light coming through the seals for your windows that should be the tipping point for windows replacement.
  • A functioning window is what you need, if it takes a great deal of effort to open or close the window, it says that the mechanics of the window are suffering. If you have wooden windows and they are hard to open, it means they have become warped due to condensation, or the frames have reached their life expectancy.
  • Leaky windows are the bane of any homeowner, water gets in and it is impossible to get out. Windows replacement work is best served in this situation. Wood frames are susceptible to dry rot and that is when a windows replacement becomes imperative. The windows won’t provide the protection you need and if the dry rot spreads, a larger repair bill is in your future. This problem is caused by poor installation or a failed seal unit two problems that can be corrected with a windows replacement by AM Window and Door Solutions.
  • Noise pollution isn’t just an industrial problem it one for a homeowner too. Single pane windows won’t keep out noise like traffic, kids playing or planes flying overhead. That adds to headaches that you are experiencing, and a windows replacement will be just what the Doctor ordered.
  • Condensation between you double-pane windows will indicate that the seal for windows has failed. Once condensation has built-up it will spread the damage thoroughly and evenly through the frame in behind your walls if the problem isn’t corrected. When you hire us at AM Window and Door Solutions you can count on our expertise to install your windows correctly to keep the condensation out of your home.

A windows replacement is an expensive proposition, but the costs are mitigated when you sell your home. Another thing that a windows replacement offers is improved curb appeal for the décor of your home.

As a contractor with over 60-years experience, we have three-generations of staff who can help direct you to the right window for the right application with many colors and styles available to meet your home’s design requirements.

All of the installers are licensed and insured and bring many years of experience installing windows to improve the quality of life in your home. When you choose our company, AM Window, and Door Solutions, we issue a 10-year labor warranty and the manufacturer will cover the materials for the work.

To get a top-down appraisal of your home’s window situation, contact us at AM Window and Door Solutions for a free consultation and free estimate when calling us today at 1.877.281.6900.