Vegetarian burgers make for a healthy and filling lunch or dinner option, offering hearty vegetables, protein-packed beans and whole grains such as brown rice. Know more about halal burgers in pascoe-vale-south.

These flavorful plant-based burgers are delicious yet easy to make at home, perfect for quick weeknight meals! Enjoy them fresh or freeze them ahead for later!

Veggie Patty

A vegetarian burger can be composed of many ingredients, such as beans, lentils, rice, quinoa, mushrooms, vegetables or even fruits like zucchini. All these foods are nutritious and protein-rich; however it’s important to remember that vegetarian burgers may be high in both calories and fat content.

To create the best veggie patties, it is key to steaming vegetables until they are thoroughly cooked and soft, which allows them to retain their shape and texture. Furthermore, adding binding ingredients such as poha powder, roasted gram flour or bread crumbs after the vegetables have been prepared will avoid creating pasty, sticky mixture.

Geiger notes that store-bought frozen veggie burgers can also be enjoyable, provided they are heated properly and topped with the appropriate condiments or sauces – for instance, she suggests brushing them with vegan Worcestershire sauce after they have finished cooking in order to add moisture and give a meaty flavor.


Vegetarian burgers that truly shine are packed with tasty toppings that take them to another level. Since these non-meaty patties don’t contain as much meat, the toppings add texture and hold together better.

Try mixing in some mashed potatoes, sweet potato or carrots to your mix for added texture and taste – they also help make these burgers healthier by providing fiber.

Replace egg in your recipe with ground flaxseed to create an equally binding ingredient that’s both vegan and egg-free.

Tomatoes are an all-time classic that add juicy bursts of flavor to a veggie burger, so why not incorporate them as well as pickles for extra crunch and zest. Or why not spice things up further with harissa for an exotic North African flair, mango chutney for Indian inspiration, or even add fried egg for breakfast-inspired cuisine?


No matter if you’re trying to recreate the flavor of meat or simply want an extra burst of flavor for your veggie burger, there is an array of sauces and toppings that can elevate your dish and bring it all together. From creamy avocado and Indian green chutney, there is sure to be a sauce or topping available that can take your dish from good to great!

Create a quick burger sauce by mixing mayonnaise, ketchup and pickle relish together. For an alternative approach, consider swapping out regular mayonnaise for dairy- or vegan-based greek yogurt instead of mayo as a healthier alternative.

Add ground flax seeds for an extra boost of protein when making a burger recipe, and you may get extra shape retention while cooking. If flax doesn’t appeal, try switching it out for another egg replacer like chia or hemp seeds; additional optional ingredients could include cooked brown rice, quinoa or any grain option along with diced vegetables like carrots, kale or spinach as well as diced sweet potato (optionally cooked separately of course!). Also experiment with different beans like kidney or chickpeas for added variety in flavor!


When it comes to sides for veggie burgers, there are countless possibilities. From creamy coleslaw to flavorful fries, there’s sure to be something delicious available so that you can spend more time enjoying your meal with loved ones! Plus they’re all simple recipes so you’re freed up for more time-honored relaxation with friends and family!

If you’re in search of something sweet to pair with your burger, consider mango salsa – its rich flavors make it ideal for summer barbecues!

If you prefer something heartier, why not try this potato salad with its bounty of vegetables and topping of Parmesan cheese for extra flavor?

If you’re feeling extra indulgent, why not treat yourself to some crispy onion rings? Not only are they tasty and simple to make, they’re also Keto-friendly with only 3 grams of net carbs per serving! Guaranteed a hit at your next dinner party. The combination of tart pickle flavor with delicious batter texture ensures these treats become instant hits – the tangy pickle notes pair perfectly. Plus they’re Keto friendly too.