The Duchess of Argyll | Fortnum & Mason shoppers | Bird spotting | Sugar content of jam

I assume that if the BBC drama about the Duchess of Argyll is screened (Report, 31 January) it won’t be billed as A Very English Scandal – divorce proceedings between a Scottish laird and his Scottish-born wife in front of a Scottish judge in a Scottish court?
Hugh Clark

• There might be a problem for Fortnum & Mason shoppers (Letters, 31 January) if there is a no-deal Brexit and the goods they wish to buy have to be imported from the EU.
Jeremy Beecham
Labour, House of Lords

• If the bird on the County Sligo beach (Letters picture, 26 January) looks a little nonplussed it is because you describe it as a crow when actually it is a rook. The photo reminded me of advice I received as a child when I inquired as to how to tell rooks from crows: “If you see a rook on its own it is a crow. If you see several crows together, them’s rooks.”
Prof Paul Carling
Shap, Cumbria

• Susan Crossett must know that domestic cooks rarely follow a recipe exactly (Letters, 1 February). When I make marmalade, I double the quantity of oranges because I like my marmalade very thick. Should I tell Public Health England?
Ken Vines
Horrabridge, Devon

• With regard to the sugar content of marmalade, while it is true that a recipe will show twice the amount of sugar to fruit (rather than the equal quantities in a jam recipe), the quantity of water in marmalade results in a one-to-one proportion of sugar to other ingredients. Thus, a spoonful of marmalade contains the same amount of sugar as a spoonful of jam.
Helen Johnson
Sedbergh, Cumbria