Embark on a journey towards a cleaner and sustainable future with Newedgewatersolution, the foremost sewage treatment plant suppliers in Faridabad, India. Committed to excellence since our inception in 2010, we at Ions India Engineering Services have been the torchbearers of innovation in industrial water treatment.

Engineering Brilliance for a Sustainable Future

At Newedgewatersolution, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in sewage treatment plant manufacturing, delivering engineering brilliance for a sustainable future. Our state-of-the-art facilities boast advanced technology, ensuring that each sewage treatment plant manufacturer in Faridabad is a beacon of efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Decade-Long Commitment to Quality

Having traversed a decade in the industry, we stand tall as an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. This certification reflects our unwavering commitment to quality in every product and service we offer. With Newedgewatersolution, you can trust that your sewage treatment solutions are held to the highest industry standards.

Local Precision, Global Impact

Situated in Faridabad, our local precision allows us to address the specific needs of industries in the region. However, our impact transcends borders, contributing to global environmental solutions. At Newedgewatersolution, we believe in creating sewage treatment plants that not only meet local needs but also uphold our shared responsibility for a healthier planet.

Holistic Services Tailored for You

Beyond manufacturing, our commitment extends to holistic services designed to cater to your unique requirements. From seamless installations to regular maintenance, Newedgewatersolution is your partner throughout the entire lifecycle of your sewage treatment plant. Our Sewage Treatment Plant manufacturing company in India understand the importance of reliability and offer comprehensive services to ensure your plant operates optimally.

Tailoring Solutions to Your Needs

In a world where one size does not fit all, Newedgewatersolution takes pride in our ability to tailor solutions to your specific needs. Our customer-centric approach ensures that your sewage treatment plant is not just a product but a personalized solution crafted to meet your unique requirements.

Environmental Stewardship

As responsible stewards of the environment, we design our sewage treatment plants not just to comply with regulations but to surpass them. Newedgewatersolution is committed to providing eco-friendly solutions that contribute to a greener future. Join us in creating a world where clean water is not just a necessity but a right for all.

Why Choose Newedgewatersolution?

Proven Legacy: A decade of commitment and excellence in sewage treatment plant manufacturing.

Quality Assurance: ISO 9001:2008 certification guarantees that our products and services meet the highest standards.

Tailored Solutions: Your needs are unique, and so are our solutions. We craft personalized sewage treatment plants to suit your requirements.

Comprehensive Support: From installation to maintenance, our comprehensive services ensure the longevity and efficiency of your plant.

Environmental Advocacy: Beyond compliance, we actively contribute to a greener future by prioritizing environmental sustainability.

Embark on a journey towards clean water and a brighter tomorrow with Newedgewatersolution – your premier sewage treatment plant partner in Faridabad and beyond. Together, let’s shape a sustainable future for generations to come.