Moving across the country can be exciting, but relocating your vehicles and household items can quickly get complicated. Do you drive them? Do you tow them behind a moving truck? Is that even feasible if you’re moving overseas?

It is where auto shipping services shine – they take the hassle out of long-distance car transportation so you can focus on your move. In this post we’ll look at how using a professional auto transport company simplifies the vehicle moving process.

Leave the Driving to the Experts

The most significant benefit of auto shipping is that you don’t have to drive your cars and trucks to their destination. The licensed professionals you hire do all the work – no need to worry about breakdowns, traffic jams, or confusing routes.

They are experienced drivers equipped for all road conditions. Your vehicles are covered under their insurance policies. It allows you to fly straight to your new location or comfortably drive without a car in tow.

Accommodates All Types of Vehicles

It doesn’t matter what type of vehicles need transporting; a professional auto transport company can handle it. Whether shipping classic cars, ATVs, motorcycles, boats, RVs, or construction equipment, enclosed trailers safely transport your prized possessions.

Open carriers offer an affordable auto shipping solution for more routine vehicle relocation needs. Special equipment transports high-end luxury and vintage cars across the country. Even inoperable project vehicles or auction cars can be relocated with ease.

Provides Flexible Pickup and Delivery

Another convenience is the flexibility auto transport services offer. Many providers allow you to select delivery windows and locations during checkout for personalized service. Your vehicles can be picked up at home or work and then delivered to your new driveway or a storage facility at your final destination.

Some even accommodate shipping cars to vacation homes or college campuses. There are solutions tailored for busy families juggling work and kids and solo airplane travelers.

Exceptional Support for Military Families

Military families frequently relocate across states or even overseas. Specialized military auto shipping services understand unique needs – like shipping POV (personally owned vehicle) cars and trucks during PCS (permanent change of station) moves.

They transport vehicles to and from ports for overseas container shipping. Stateside vehicle delivery is coordinated to match military relocation timelines. Many providers offer exclusive discounts to extend savings on top of significant DoD and government rates.

Advantages of Using Auto Shipping Services for Car Transportation

Transporting your vehicle long distances can be a major hassle – from planning routes to handling breakdowns and driving fatigue. Wouldn’t it be nice if an cheap car transport company could take all that for you?

Professional auto transport services specialize in safely and efficiently relocating cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, RVs, and other vehicles door-to-door across town or clear across the country.

  • Convenience and Time-Saving

The number one benefit auto transport delivers is saving you time and trouble transporting your vehicle. Just think – no need to take days off work to drive, no wrestling with maps and GPS systems trying to find efficient routes, no sitting in traffic jams burning vacation time and fuel.

With auto shipping, licensed pro drivers do the work for you. All you have to do is schedule a convenient pickup time and location, then fly or drive separately to your destination while your car gets shipped safely behind the scenes.

Many auto transport companies offer real-time tracking so you can follow your vehicle’s progress via text or email updates. Whether you’re moving cross country or need a car shipped to a relative, auto transport relieves the burden of driving it yourself.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

Having your car professionally transported can cost less than driving it yourself when you tally expenses like fuel, hotels, food, oil changes, potential repairs, and lost wages from taking time off work.

Auto transport companies move vehicles in high volume to pass logistical efficiencies on to customers. Several shipping options exist for different budgets – from multi-car carriers offering a low cost per vehicle to enclosed trailers for premium protection.

Carriers often transport cars along routes they’re already running, maximizing efficiency. Compare costs against DIY driving, and you’ll likely find auto shipping to be the budget-savvy choice.

  • Reducing Wear and Tear on the Vehicle

Putting thousands of miles on your vehicle through long distance driving exposes it to increased maintenance costs and the likelihood of road hazards like debris, potholes, weather damage and accidents. Why add all those risky highway miles when auto shipping gets your car to the destination damage-free?

Professional auto transport trucks are equipped with ramps, winches, and straps to safely secure your vehicle for transit without adding mileage. Enclosed trailers offer weather and debris protection.

Less wear and tear equals more years of useful vehicle life and higher resale value. Let the shipping experts safely transport it to you so you can preserve its condition as close to the final as possible.

When you need to relocate a vehicle across town or country, allow the convenience, cost savings, and risk reduction of auto shipping to work for you. With none of the hassles of driving yourself, yet way more safety assurances and protection against excess mileage wear and tear, auto transport is an easy service to appreciate.


Using an auto transport company takes the stress out of long-distance car and truck relocation. Moving vehicles is simple, with all driving, insurance, pickup coordination, and vehicle delivery handled for you door-to-door.

Whether you need classic car transport services across the country or routine yet flexible shipping for a family on the go, auto shipping experts make it easy. Check out A1 Auto Transport’s car shipping options for personalized service on your next relocation.