It is said that no two snowflakes are alike. It’s the kind of fascinating knowledge that makes a person want to catch each flake that falls on a fingertip, looking, before it melts, to see just how different it is from the last. It never gets old, because the outcome is never the same.

Rolls-Royce is the automotive version of that, except for the fact that most of us commoners would never be allowed to put our grubby fingers on one.

That sad fact of life aside, Rolls is known for a few things: expensive vehicles; overuse of the words “majesty,” “scintillate” and “bespoke” non-sarcastically; umbrellas; events the non-wealthy can only read about online; and, ultimately, its car customizations so detailed that they’re almost unfathomable.

Some of the most ridiculous customizations of last year’s bunch included cars with dashboard clocks “encrusted with laboratory-grown black diamonds,” shooting-star headliners, cocktail tables, and wood sourced from particular forests its “depth of color and the density of the grain structure.”

Some of the cars belong to collections, like the Silver Ghost Collection that the company made to “pay homage” to the original Silver Ghost from the early 1900s. Rolls-Royce only made 35 of them, and put a ton of real silver accents inside and out. Others are one-off vehicles, like the blindingly purple “Phantom in Fuxia” named after its buyer, Michael Fux. That purple color is specifically for him and his Phantom, Rolls said—no one else. One of the customizations goes so far as to feature a hood emblem made of real rose gold, and interior features sculpted by artists.

Basically, they’re cars, and they’re nicer than probably any hotel or resort most of us have stayed at. It’s a sight to see, really.

Gaze upon the fanciest Rolls-Royce customizations of 2018 and weep, for only the ultra wealthy get to check the time on their diamond-encrusted car clocks, which look way fancier than those rhinestone watches on the clearance rack at Target, while being chauffeured to whatever important things they need to do.

The rest of us will have to stick to catching and admiring snowflakes, because that’s a type of customization we can all afford. Enjoy.